Agifly: Digital Product Development

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Wie is Agifly?

At Agifly, we make digital product development smooth, exciting and effective! 

We were founded four year ago by Nicolas, Alain and Jan-Pieter to make a difference in the software delivery market by building top notch applications using design thinking, co-creation and incremental delivery. 

We work with government, start-ups, scale-ups and multinationals and focus on products in the sustainability industry. Examples of developments are &

Four things we value and we look for in building our team:

  • Transparency #No hidden agendas, transparency saves time and money
  • Honesty #We value honest feedback as the only way to improve
  • Social/ Ecological Awareness #We have only 1 planet, let’s take care of it
  • Diversity #United in diversity. We look at the future


Wat kan jij er leren?

  • Marketing Planning & Creatie

    Start with a Go To Market workshop in which we go from user persona to the types of messages and the channels used for the communication

  • Online Adverteren

    We use advertising on the best channel for the persona we want to reach, be it Linkedin, Adwords, Facebook or any other offline channel

  • SEO

    We work with third parties to create content that makes our solutions rank as high as possible on Google.

  • Customer Experience Strategie

    Design thinking is one of the pillars on which our work is based and we spend a lot of time and effort on getting this right.

  • SEA

    We works with third parties to set-up and manage advertising campaigns on Adwords. We need to make sure we get a good ROI.

  • Analyse, Evaluatie en Continue Verbetering

    Retrospectives we do internally as well as with our clients to make sure that there are no frustrations and that we can improve continuously

  • Marketing Automatisatie

    We automate

  • Growth Hacking & Conversie Optimalisatie

    Apart from the services we offer we are developing our own product and will need to optimise our growth campaign once launched.

Wie zoekt Agifly?

 - You are passionate about marketing and communication
 - You are a digital native, know how to create smart social media posts
 - Proactive, a team player, passionate about new technologies and result-oriented
 - Very good knowledge of French, Dutch and good knowledge of written and spoken English

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Stel ze aan Jan-Pieter Cootjans, mentor bij Agifly.

Jan-Pieter Cootjans


Aantal studenten: 1

Greenbizz (the incubator where sustainable business grows) Rue Dieudonné Lefèvre 17, 1020 Bruxelles

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