Vandemoortele: a leading European food group


Ready to put your education into practice and shape a tasty future together? 
“Shaping a tasty future”, with passion for taste & indulgence: that’s what makes working at
Vandemoortele attractive. You will get all the chances to grow within a people oriented and value driven environment, where cooperation, respect and ambition are key. 

We focus on innovation and prioritize sustainability by committing to three goals: balanced nutrition, protecting nature and enhancing lives.
Vandemoortele has two divisions: one for frozen bakery products and one for plant-based food solutions.
We continued to grow and develop: The Vandemoortele Group is now present in 12 European countries with ca 3900 employees, achieving revenues of ca €1.33 billion in 2021. The Vandemoortele HQ are located in our Food Experience Center in Ghent, where our passion for good taste and enjoying food comes to life. Let us show you around!


What can you learn?

  • Marketing Planning & Creation

    This capability will be quite heavy in the VDM assignment. With VDM you’ll have the unique opportunity to work in a global marketing team in the food industry. You’ll work on Digital MarCom campaigns together with Vandemoortele team and agency. You’ll learn to build strong campaign plans with various objectives from raising brand awareness to nurturing leads. You’ll be involved in the collaboration with agencies from brief over campaign plan to production. Especially if you’re passionate about marketing/advertising campaigns, production and content creation, this role might be right for you!

  • Online Advertising

    Together with Digital Marketing Manager & Performance Manager you’ll understand how to build customer journeys and campaign plans, leveraging strengths of all relevant touchpoints.

  • Customer Experience Strategy

    In collaboration with Global Channel Manager Foodservice, you’ll understand how to translate a target audience to a persona, customer journey and touchpoint strategy.

  • Omnichannel Retail

    Our key growth channel is Foodservice (Restaurants, Hotels, Lunchbars, etc) yet we are building omnichannel/360° customer journeys to reach them. So you’ll surely learn a lot about omnichannel, but in a Foodservice environment.

  • Analysis, evaluation and continuous improvement

    To measure is to know. So in collaboration with the Global Performance Mgr and Local Digital Mkt Mgrs you’ll try to understand how earlier campaigns performed and how we can improve new content creation.

  • Email Marketing

    E-mail marketing has strong potential for B2B & Foodservice. You’ll learn how impactful e-mails are composed (together with agency & copywriters) and how they fit the campaign journey.

  • E-commerce

    Our Foodservice customers prefer to purchase at wholesalers where they can purchase all they need. Yet these wholesalers (and especially their online platforms) surely offer us great opportunities in terms of first-party data and communication opportunities towards end-customers. We’re starting to explore these so you’ll be part of a great exploratory journey.

  • Marketing Automation

    Based on the campaign journey, learn to design and implement flows in Hubspot. Explore the entire customer journey from attracting new contacts to nurturing them to sales-qualified leads.

  • Growth Hacking & Conversion Optimalization

    Test & learn is part of our DNA. You’ll be able to work on growth hacking from beginning till end. From listing A-B testing opportunities and validating these with local markets over developing content for it to reporting and sharing results.

Who are we looking for? 

  • Are you a digital native with a passion for powerful branding & marketing campaigns?
  • Do you have a global mind & are you fluent in English?
  • Are you a teamplayer, eager to collaborate with international colleagues?
  • Are you good at managing projects, following up on key deliverables & timing?
  • Do you have a heart for good creatives? (copywriting, graphic & video editing skills are a strong plus)
  • Do you want to work in a leading global food company with a strong focus on digital?

What we have to offer:

  • Being part of a strongly growing and international digital team
  • Learning from passionate colleagues, experienced in digital from A to Z, marketing and beyond
  • Your own projects, with close follow-up & mentoring by team members
  • Direct contact with agencies, photographers & content producers
  • An amazing workplace (check out this video) with regular free sweet treats;)


Ask them to Paulien, Global Content Marketing Manager at Vandemoortele. 
Yet please contact me on my work e-mail (not checking LI daily)

Paulien Peeters

Or you can contact Joris, who did his internship at Vandemoortele.

Joris Deckmyn x Vandemoortele

Joris Deckmyn



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